Naturwissenschaften, Technik

Natural Science and Technology

One of Becher’s main works

BECHER, Johann Joachim - Natur-Kündigung der Metallen. Frankfurt am Main, Johann Wilhelm Ammon und Wilhelm Serlin, 1661. Vellum. With engraved title.
Rare first edition.
EUR 1500,-

The birth of neurochemistry

BORRI, Francesco Giuseppe - Epistolae Duae I. De Cerebi ortu & Usu Medico. II. De Artificio oculorum humores restituendi. Ad Th. Bartholinum. Copenhagen, Daniel Paulli, 1669. (4), 68 pages, with engraved title vignette and 7 woodcuts in the text. 4to, Contemporary vellum.
EUR 2500,-

17th-century manuscript lectures from the Old University of Leuven

CHARNEUX, Henricus de / MELIS, Petrus - Physica et Metaphysica Data in Porco sub Eruditissimo Domino... scripta ab Edmundo Goossens Thenensi Anno 1679. Old University of Leuven, 1679. [212 x 164 mm] Engraved title page with manuscript title, 484 ll. With 19 text drawings, 15 whole-page drawings and 10 (2 fold. and 1 with folding part) engraved plates.
EUR 4500,-

18th-century manuscript lectures on physics

LACOUR, (?). - Cours abrégé de Phisique générale, particuliere et experimentale a l'usage de M. Guillaume Henri Godart, phisicien et pensionnaire du College royal de St. Louis. Metz, 1775. 4 parts in 1 volume. 4to Title, 219, 391 (i.e. 381) pp. With 44 text drawings.
EUR 1500,-

Alchemical catechism

(JUGEL, Johann Gottfried) - Goldmacher-Catechismus in Frag und Antwort. Berlin und Leipzig, Christian Ulrich Ringmacher, 1776. Cont. half-leather binding with printed back label. VIII, 80 pages.
EUR 1200,-

The newly discovered, unpublished watercolor drawings for Jean Baptiste de Lamarck’s first book Flore Francaise

BULLIARD, Jean Baptiste Francois (* 1752 Aubepierre-sur-Aube; † 1793 Paris) and LAMARCK, Jean Baptiste de (* 1744 Bazentin-le-Petit; † 1829 Paris) - 467 original watercolour drawings on 239 leaves, with handwritten descriptions and notes. n.d. (c. 1776-1778). Contemporary leather with blank spine label. 230x297 mm.
This very important manuscript represents the previously unknown botanical drawings for Lamarck's Flore Francaise and demonstrates the hitherto fameless cooperation between two of the foremost French botanists from the 18th century.
EUR 550.000,-

Rare celestial atlas with white-on-black star maps

GOLDBACH, C.F. - Neuester Himmels-Atlas zum Gebrauche fur Schul- und Akademischen Unterricht ... Revidirt auf der Sternwarte Seeberg bey Gotha und mit einer Einleitung begleitet vom Freyherren von Zach. Zweyte unveränderte Auflage. Weimar, 1803. With 58 (54 white-on-black) engraved star maps.
EUR 2900,-

Important manuscripts on firearms

AUDOIN, E. - Mecanismes d'Armes. Pistolets automatiques. / Revolvers. France, 1936-1937. 2 volumes. Folio. With 327 drawings. Contemporary half leather bindings.

These exceptional manuscripts contain an important source of information on firearms from the second half of the 19th and early 20th-century. Both volumes include descriptions of 148 firearms of the most important contemporary manufacturers.

EUR 12.500,-

The first modern monograph on ants

WILDE, Jermias - De formica liber unus. Nürnberg, 1651. Half-vellum. 8vo [105 x 160mm]. (11), 108 pp. With engraved vignette on the title page. Title page slightly lose in the lower part, otherwise in very good condition.
EUR 950,-