Editio Princeps of Froissart’s chronicles

FROISSART, Jean - Chroniques. Volume 1 (of 4). Paris, Antoine Vérard, n.d. (c. 1495). Folio [307 x 233 mm]. 275 (of 280) ll. With printers mark. Modern leather binding.
FIRST EDITION of the first volume of the greatest and most famous chronicle of French and English medieval history.
EUR 4500,-

A newly discovered binding by the atelier of Claude de Picques

[PICQUES, Claude de (atelier)] / Appianus, Alexandrinus - Appianou Alexandreos Romaikon (graece)... Romanarum historiarum. Edited by Robert and Charles Estienne. Paris, Charles Estienne, 1551. Folio [350 x 232 mm].
THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED WITH ALL THREE FONTS OF GARAMOND'S GRECS DU ROI. The present binding was executed at the atelier of Claude de Picques, binder to the king and one of the principal figures of the Golden Age of French bookbinding.
EUR 6.500,-

Very rare illustrated history of Poland

SANDRART, Jacob - Des Koenigsreichs Pohlen Grundrichtige Land- Staats- und Zeit Beschreibung... zum andern mal continuirt heraus gegeben. Nuremberg, 1711. Folded title, and 11 folded maps and 12 partly folded plates including plans and views. 12mo. Contemp. vellum with clasps.
EUR 4500,-

Arctic Voyage

Polarfahrt mit dem D. "Grosser Kurfürst" des Norddeutschen Lloyd vom 27. Juni - 25. Juli 1908. Original-Aufnahmen Atelier Schaul, Hamburg. Album with 73 gelatin silver prints (157 x 222mm). Original red cloth, oblong folio (250 x 355mm)
EUR 3500,-