A newly discovered binding by the atelier of Claude de Picques

[PICQUES, Claude de (atelier)] / Appianus, Alexandrinus - Appianou Alexandreos Romaikon (graece)... Romanarum historiarum. Edited by Robert and Charles Estienne. Paris, Charles Estienne, 1551. Folio [350 x 232 mm].
THE FIRST BOOK PRINTED WITH ALL THREE FONTS OF GARAMOND'S GRECS DU ROI. The present binding was executed at the atelier of Claude de Picques, binder to the king and one of the principal figures of the Golden Age of French bookbinding.
EUR 6.500,-

A rare Wunderkammer book

Kurtze und Mechanische Beschreibung Dieses Kunst-Auges: Von Stephan Zicken/ Kunst-Drechßlern in Nürnberg. Nürnberg, Christian Sigmund Froberg, (circa 1700). 4to. 20 pages, 1 folded copperplate. Contemporary boards covered with brocade paper.
EUR 5500,-

Photo album of prize-winning stud horses

SCHNAEBELI, Heinrich - Album berühmter Deckhengste. Berlin, Schnaebeli, c. 1895. Oblong 4to [340 x 250 mm]. 22 original albumen prints, c. 155 x 210 mm. Mounted on original boards. Original richly decorated cloth.
EUR 1800,-