Il Callotto Resuscitato, oder, Neu eingerichtes Zwerchen Cabinet […]. Amsterdam, Wilhelm Engelbert Koning, 1716. Three parts. With Engraved title, two page engraved list of plates and 69 engraved plates by Joost van Sasse, P. van Buysen, Anna Folkema, Fopje Folkema, Isaak Ledeboer, Jacob Keyser and J. v. Kalinge, each with German, French and Dutch verse beneath. Bound in contemporary full vellum.

Rare series of dwarf caricatures, which had been inspired by the Varie figure Gobbi by Jacques Callot, first published in 1616. The Callotto Resuscitato, which appeared in several slightly different editions, causes a dwarf fashion in the early 18th century, that can be found not only in printed graphics, but also in  garden sculptures, porcelain paintings and figures, wall paintings, wallpapers, wood and ivory carvings, painted tobacco cans et cetera. The first two parts consists of 50 numerical numbered engraved plates and 8 albhabetically numbered plates added by two engraved list of plates. The third part consists of 12 plates representing the twelve months. The characters appear in the elaborate dress and hairstyles of early Baroque Europe and show the trades and scenes of daily life of that period.

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