ZATTA, Antonio (1757-1797):“Le Colonie Unite dell‘ America Settentr. le Ass. Ee. li signori riformatori dello studio di Padova“. Venezia, 1778.

Original altkolorierte Kupferstich-Karte. Aus dem Atlas „Atlante Novissimo“ von 1775-1785. — Format: ca. 1280 x 1300 cm.  Von 12 Platten gedruckt, nicht zusammengesetzt. — gut erhalten.

Original old colored copper engraved map. Out of Zatta’s Atlas, „Atlante Novissimo“ published between 1775 and 1785. This geographic wall map is made of 12 sheets not joined together.

The map is based on J. Mitchell’s, which was used to establish the borders of the colonies during the 1738 peace treaty of Paris, after the Independence War, thus becoming the first and official map of the United States of America. This is one of the first maps to define the British colonies the „United Colonies“. Zatta’s map is the first Italian edition of this legendary map; it has been realized in the characteristic 18th century Venetian style, including a cartouche depicting the map of the Bermuda Islands. Zatta’s map is different from its model by showing many geographic details which come from other sources. In the case of the State of Virginia, for example, the map derives from the 1753 map of Fry and Jefferson; around the cities of, Philadelphia, Saratoga and Charleston there are some information about the Independence War (Sabin 68109). — in very good condition.

Antonia Zatta (1757-1797) was a prolific 18th century Venetian printer and publisher, whose beautifully engraved works dealt with the newest discoveries of the time. His works are renowned for their great scientific and artistic quality. Zatta’s atlas is of the most exquisite and comprehensive world atlases published in 18th century Italy.

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