French manuscript in brown ink and watercolor. In-folio [c. 33 x 20 cm]. Modern leather binding in 16th century style. 266 pages.

Divided into 3 main parts. The first part is a 16th century heraldic book of the Dutch family of Triest and its descendents, starting from the 15th century. The family was based around Ghent, in Flanders. It starts with a full- page coat of arms of Triest, which is then repeated at the center of all further pages. It contains a total of 44 coats of arms and a separated folded sheet with a hand painted genealogical tree. The second part is the largest of the book – a 17th century manuscript on paper, with numerous hand painted coats of arms and genealogical trees. It starts with the family of Seclyn from the city of Oudenaarde and follows with other Flanders families. The third part comprises 13 mostly folded additional sheets (part of them on vellum) with various coats of arms and genealogical trees for Dutch families such as: Tserclaes, Schilling, a double sheet on the house „de Ballet“, etc. They date back to the 16th and 17th century.

The historical importance resides in the detailed accounts of the noble Dutch families and their ancestry lines, in an unpublished manuscript that is able to provide insight into the life of these families and their connections with other nobility.

This is an important collection of early manuscript information and history of Dutch nobility from the Flanders region, beautifully llustrated by numerous hand painted coat of arms.

Condition: Leaves uncut, partly with some staining.

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