SANDRART, Jacob – Des Koenigsreichs Pohlen Grundrichtige Land- Staats- und Zeit Beschreibung… zum andern mal continuirt heraus gegeben. Nuremberg, 1711. Folded title, 404 pages. With 11 folded maps and 12 partly folded plates including plans and views. 12mo (138 x 85 mm) Contemp. vellum with clasps. Hinges partly cracked.

Very rare and well-illustrated Polish history. The rare first edition was published 1687 in Sulzbach near Nuremberg. The present second edition is continued up to the year 1711 and it is even more rarer than the 1687 edition. With maps of Old Poland with Sarmartia, Greater Poland, Lesser Poland, Lithuania and Russia, Masuria, Prussia, Livonia with Courland and Samogitia, Red Ruthenia with Podolia and Volhynia and Ukraine, the river Dnieper, Crimea, plans of Krakow, Torun, Zamosc, Kiev, Wieliczka and views of Krakow, Grodno, Gdansk, Smolensk, Kamianets-Podilskyi, the Battle of Khotyn (1673) and the Battle of Komarno. – a few pages with marginal waterstains.

Estreicher (online) 191374 (with only 11 maps and 11 plates)