GILLRAY, James„The French Consular-Triumverate, settl’ing the New Constitution“. London, H. Humphrey, 1 January 1800

Plate: 350 x 250mm: Sheet: 390 x 290mm. Handcolored etching. Slightly stained outside of the picture, otherwise in very good condition.

Very rare original handcolored caricature engraving by James Gillray (1757-1815).

Napoleon sits at a table writing the new constitution, while two consuls sit facing him, biting their pens, with blank papers in front of them. Behind them is Sieyes, a savant, who reveals piles and piles of other papers from behind the curtains, together with a model of a guillotine at the top.

BM Satires VIII 9509; Broadley A 362