ROBERTS, PiercyNational Contrasts or Bulky and Boney. London, Piercy Roberts, c. 1804.

Plate: 258 x 352mm; Sheet: 262 x 357mm; Hand-coloured etching; with backed marginal tear at bottom

A well-fed John Bull with mastiff, pipe, ham, beer mug and a bag of money sits next to a famished and glowering Napoleon with oversized hat. The French emperor is surrounded by ghosts labeled „cruelty“, „envy“ and „horrors“ whilst the Englishman is surrounded by clouds of smoke from his pipe. The rare original issue before Tegg’s republished, numbered edition.

Arenenberg 24; Broadley A 637; not in BM Satires; cf. BM online 1948,0214.683 (Tegg re-issue)