BERROCAL, Miguel (1933-2006) Otto Y Otra (Opus 348 + 349)

Height: ca. 13 cm (including pedestal); Width: ca. 6 cm. Weight: 3 260 kg (both). In very good condition.

Two bronze puzzle sculptures in gilt patina (1987). 1 of 999 numbered sculptures (Nr. 208/999). Can be dismantled into 5 elements each. Pedestal with signature.

stamp.Miguel Ortiz Berrocal, born on September 28, 1933, in Villanueva de Algaidas, Spain, emerged as a prominent figure in the world of sculpture, renowned for his innovative approach blending figurative and abstract elements. Displaying an early aptitude for art and an insatiable curiosity for exploration, Berrocal’s journey into the artistic realm began with his education in Madrid, where he honed his skills at various institutions and drew inspiration from the rich cultural heritage surrounding him, including frequent visits to the Prado art museum. Influenced by encounters with iconic artists like Picasso during his travels to Rome and Paris, Berrocal’s early exhibitions in the 1950s marked the beginning of his distinctive artistic trajectory.

Berrocal’s artistic evolution unfolded through decades of experimentation and collaboration, particularly during his tenure in Italy from 1967 to 2004. It was in Verona and Negrar where he found fertile ground for his sculptural endeavors, working closely with foundries to push the boundaries of sculptural techniques. His signature puzzle sculptures, characterized by their disassemblable nature and incorporation of miniature artworks, garnered international acclaim, earning him exhibitions across Europe, North and South America, and Japan. Berrocal’s dedication to his craft and his relentless pursuit of innovation led to groundbreaking achievements, including his exploration of new materials and technologies, such as the revolutionary Shaw process for casting in porcelain.
As Berrocal’s artistic journey unfolded, he continued to push the boundaries of sculpture, embracing interactive aesthetics and the concept of multiples to make his art accessible to a wider audience. His works, complex yet inviting, invited tactile exploration and engaged viewers on multiple levels, reflecting his deep-seated belief in the fusion of art, science, and technology. Berrocal’s legacy endures through the preservation and promotion of his artwork by the Fundación Escultor Berrocal, ensuring that future generations continue to be inspired by his innovative spirit and groundbreaking contributions to the world of sculpture.

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