BEGER, Lorenz Hercules Ethnicorum Ex Variis Antiquitatum Reliquiis Delineatus Additis in fine Modernis Qibusdam Eiusdem argumenti Picturis.[Berlin], 1705. Folio [402 x 260 mm]. 38 numbered, engraved plates (including title). Contemporary calf.

Very rare plate book dedicated exclusively to the ancient Greek hero Heracles. The plates depict statues, reliefs, coins, monuments and paintings. Lorenz Beger (1653-1705) was a German jurist, archivist and numismatist. He is especially known for his numismatic and philological writings. Beger’s special achievement is the explanation and differentiation of mythological motifs in ancient art, as well as the compilation of the monuments of various Greek heroes, including Meleager (1696), Alcestis (1703), Odysseus (1703) and Heracles (1705). – Binding rubbed.

Bound with: (idem)Numismata moduli maximi vulgo Medaigloni ex Cimeliarchio Ludovici XIV. [Berlin], 1704. Engraved title and 41 numbered engraved plates. – The plates depict hundreds of ancient coins and medals from the collection of Louis XIV. (OCLC 165812626)

Bound with: Johann Georg Wolfgang Imagines Pontificum Romanorum a S. Petrosque ad Benedictum XIII. Leipzig, 1727. 6 numbered, engraved plates. – The plates depict small oval portraits of all popes until Benedict XIII. (OCLC 904020192)

Bibliography: VD18 14394367; J.P. Niceron Nachrichten von den Begebenheiten und Schriften berümter Gelehrten. Halle, 1751. Vol 4, p. 340ff.; OCLC 165960586

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