KILIAN, Lukas – (Newes ABC Buechlein inventirt und in Kupffer gestochen von Luca Kilian Burger zu Augsburg). Augsburg, (1627). Vellum binding [185 x 160 mm]. 24/24 engravings (lacks the title page). Plate-format: 150 x 115 mm; Page-format: 185 x 150 mm.

Lukas Kilian (1579 – 1637) is the most gifted engraver belonging to the famous Kilian family of engravers from Augsburg. The present book is dedicated to ornamental depictions of the alphabet, each letter being depicted individually.

The engravings are highly ornamental and richly styled, and around the actual letters are often different scenese depicted – sometimes the tone is slightly playful, sometimes it shows grotesque scenes, even a scene depicting romantic courtship. Moorish and Baroque elements are intertwined. Plenty of the letters are joined by illustrations of arts – sculpture, painting, music -, different crafts or pastimes

More often than not, the letters are related to their accompanying illustration: a globe/atlas for „A“, a sculptor („Bildhauer“) for „B“, a painter („Maler“) for „M“, a compass for „C“, a fisher for „F“, etc.

The title page is missing, some pages slightly stained, otherwise in good condition.