„Lieve des Revenus du Cidevant Monastere des Carmes“ / „Lieve des censires rentes obituaires foncieres et autre pour le convent des reserenes Peres carmes de Lodeve faite en l’annee 1789“. Lodeve, 1789.

Contemporary leather binding [36 x 23 cm]. French 18th century manuscript. (3), 82 leaves, 5 Bl.

This manuscript ledger, is an exceptional artifact documenting the financial affairs and property management of the Carmelite convent in Lodève during the late 18th century. The ledger is meticulously handwritten in French, in beautiful caligraphic writig, reflecting the detailed records maintained by the Carmelites. The manuscript also contains an alphabetical index of the names of the persons or establishments with whom the Carmelites had lease contracts.
The first Carmelite establishment in Lodève was situated in the suburb of Montbrun, a fiefdom of the lords of Lodève. The exact date of this foundation remains unknown due to the lack of documentation. Between 1357 and 1359, a donation enabled the Carmelites to relocate closer to the city walls, on the opposite side of the Lergue. However, this location was destroyed by a flood in 1422. The Carmelites suffered further during the Wars of Religion, with their convent being pillaged in 1562 and later razed for defensive purposes. The convent was rebuilt on the same site between 1601 and 1639 but never regained its former prosperity.
The archives of the Carmelites of Lodève are sparse. An incomplete register records foundations from 1600 to 1760 and capitular acts from 1678 to 1740 (Montpellier archive, inventory number 33 H 1). Additionally, a register of the convent’s expenses from 1761 to 1791 has been preserved (Montpellier archive, inventory number 33 H 2), along with some procedural documents related to an inheritance settlement in the 18th century (Montpellier archive, inventory number 33 H 3).

This 18th century manuscript ledger is an extraordinarily valuable artifact, especially considering the scarcity of surviving documents related to the Carmelites in Lodève. Given the limited archival records, this ledger stands out as a rare and comprehensive source of information, providing unique insights into the financial and operational aspects of the Carmelite convent during the late 18th century. The ledger might aid in filling significant gaps in the historical narrative of the convent but also in enhancing our understanding of the broader socio-economic context of Lodève during this period. Its preservation is crucial for historical research, shedding light on the convent’s interactions with the local community.

Binding with some staining and slightly rubbed, otherwise in good condition.

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