Carte Methodique pour apprendre aisement le Blason… / Lehrende Carten die Wappen-Kunst spielend zu fassen… Augsburg, Philipp Ernst Kieni, n.d. (c.1700)

Sheet: 570 x 664mm; etching

This is an uncut sheet of 52 heraldic playing cards, with an extra card numbered 53. The game is copied from that published by Charles Francois Silvestre in Paris. The game could also be used as a board game. The rules are printed at the top. Nothing is known about the publisher Philipp Ernst Kieni.

Bibliography: Henry-René d’Allemagne – Le noble jeu de l’oie en France, de 1640 à 1950. Paris, 1950, p. 221 and plate 30 (for a later edition by Daumont and Crepy)