GILLRAY, James (after)The King of Brobdingnag, and Gulliver. -Vide. Swift’s Gulliver: Voyage to Brobdingnag. (Weimar, Industrie-Comptoir, 1803)

Sheet: 224 x 186mm; mezzotint; old folds; with two backed marginal tears

George III holds a tiny Napoleon on the palm of his right hand, and inspecting him through a spy-glass. This is a reduced version of Gillray’s famous caricature published 1803 by Hannah Humphrey in London. Lilliputian Napoleon became a favourite caricature subject.

Broadley E 61; Arenenberg 82; cf. BM Satires 10019; Broadley A 522; Arenenberg 12 (for the Humphrey issue)