L’ecole de l verité pour les nouveaux convertis. Paris, Jean-Baptiste Crepy, n.d. (c.1780)

Sheet: 585 x 815mm, Plate: 405 x 525mm; etching

The present game teaches the players that Catholics are right and Protestants are wrong. If the player was lucky enough to hit field 35, the place where the Catholic Louis XIV resided, he would proceed to field 59 directly: Jerusalem.
Jean Baptiste Crepy (17..-1796) was the son of the editor Louis Crepy (1680-17..). He obtained a privilege to publish board games in 1779. – Very rare.

Bibliography: Henry-René d’Allemagne – Le noble jeu de l’oie en France, de 1640 à 1950. Paris, 1950, p. 210.