MERCATOR, Gerhard (1512-1594):“Insulae Indiae Orientalis Praecipuae in quibus Moluccae celeberrimae sunt“. Amsterdam, Hondius, c. 1606. Approx. 37, 5 x 50 cm.

Rare map with original color from a French edition of Mercator’s Atlas Major. With rare original color, no modern coloring! With French text on verso.

One of the most richly engraved maps of the East Indies. It is one of the few maps to show any trace of Francis Drake’s presence in Southeast Asia. The map includes the regions of the Malaysian Peninsula, Philippines, Indochina, and the East Indies up to New Guinea, illustrating the Spice Islands. Richly decorated with two cartouches, a compass roses, a creature of the sea, as well as and a ship and sea battle between the Dutch and Spanish. — Format: c. 47, 5 x 56, 5 cm. — in very good condition.

Seltene Karte mit originalem Altkolorit aus einer französischen Ausgabe von Mercator’s Atlas Major. Kein modernes Kolorit! Mit französischem Text auf der Rückseite.

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