Jeu du chemin de fer. Metz, Gangel freres et Didon, n.d. [c.1860]

Sheet: 550 x 760 mm. Lithograph.

Impressive and early railroad game. At a time when the novelty of the railroad is a source of mistrust and reluctance on the part of a public that modernism frightens, the Game of the railroad proposes an initiatory journey to the players, children or adults. All the elements that make up a train are represented: locomotive, tender, first, second and third class wagons, baggage cars, flour wagon, sheep wagon, postal wagon and so on. The essential infrastructures are not forgotten: tracks, switches, signaling, level crossings, bridges, tunnels. To the technical dimension is added a geographical aspect: the train stops in some major cities of France such as Marseille, Nancy, Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Paris. – skillfully restored, slightly stained.

d’Allemagne p. 226 and plate 42