KRULL, Germaine; DEBSCHITZ-KUNOWSKI, Wanda von; PESCI, Jozsef – Der Akt – Zwanzig photographische Aufnahmen weiblicher Körper nach der Natur. Dachau, Einhorn-Verlag, 1918. folio [40,7 x 30,5 cm] 23 pages. With 20 mounted photogravures. Original paper-covered boards with photogravure mounted on the upper board within a printed frame.

FIRST EDITION. The present book is a collaboration of the Hungarian photographer Jozsef Pesci (1889-1956), the German photographer Wanda von Debschitz-Kunowski (1870-1935) and the 23-year old Germaine Krull (1897-1985). Though the youngest of the three photographers, Krull became the best-known of them. She was born in the then Prussian province of Posen and moved to Munich in 1912 with her mother. In 1915 she joined the State Academy for Photo design. Krull opened her first photo studio in 1917. The present album includes 7 photographs by Krull, 4 photographs by Pesci and 9 photographs by Debschitz-Kunowski. A second edition was published in 1920. The 20 photogravures, as well as the title and index sheet, are printed on thin paper and individually mounted on stiff Japanese paper. Krull’s photography is attributed to the Bauhaus movement „Neues Sehen“. – Slightly rubbed, very good condition.

Bibliography: Heidtmann 11127