Ferdinando Galli da Bibiena

(Bologna 1656 – 1743 Bologna)

Design for a ceiling painting.

Pen, brown ink and brown wash; mounted; 160 x 164mm

Ferdinando Galli da Bibiena was an Italian scenographer, architect and decorative painter. He was the son of the painter and architect Giovanni Maria Galli da Bibiena (1618-1665), who had named himself after his birthplace Bibbiena in Tuscany. He studied under Carlo Cignani (1628-1719) and earned a great reputation as a theater master builder and decorator. He worked at the court of Charles VI in Vienna and later returned to Bologna. His three sons brought the art of the father throughout Italy and Germany. Antonio Galli da Bibiena (1700-1774), also worked at the court of Charles VI, then returned to Italy, where he built and decorated the theaters of Siena, Pistoia and La Pergola in Florence. Giuseppe Galli da Bibiena (1696-1757) worked at Vienna, Dresden and Berlin, mainly in theaters and on court festivities. Alessandro Galli da Bibiena (1686-1748) served as building director in the service of the Elector Palatine.

Literature: Varie opere di Prospettiua inventate da Ferdinando Galli d:o il Bibiena Bolognese Pittore, et Architetto… (Bologna n.d).; A.H. Mayor, The Bibiena Family (New York, 1945)