Barlow, Francis (c.1626-1704): Livre de plusieurs Animaux. Inventez par Barlou. (Paris), de Poilly, c.1675. Oblong 4to. (19,5 x 31 cm). Etched title and 10 etched plates.

Very rare complete series of engravings of quadrupeds. The plates represent deers, rabbits, bears, cows, wolves, an elephant, a camel, pigs, donkeys, big cats, horses, dogs and lions.

Francis Barlow was an English painter, etcher, and illustrator. He ranks among the most prolific book-illustrators and printmakers of the 17th century, working across several genres: natural history, hunting and recreation, politics, and decoration and design. Barlow is known as „the father of British sporting painting“. He was Britain’s first wildlife painter, beginning a tradition that reached a high-point a century later, in the work of George Stubbs.

Lit.: See Thiébaud 56.