BAINES, J.The Bone-a-part shews the secret. London, W. Hudson, 61 Newgate Street, n.d. (c. 1803)

Plate: 398 x 277mm; Sheet: 469 x 327mm; Hand-coloured etching with mounted letterpress text

Napoleon with a large bleeding wound on his head depicting Malta. A very rare caricature referring to Bonaparte’s failure to hold Malta. – Our copy is the only one known, which bears the engraved name and address of the artist („J. Baines, Miniature painter, Delin. 98 Newgate Street“) in the left side of the plate and on the upper margin a mounted letterpress text entitled Construction of the caricature of the Bone-A-Part.

c.f. Broadley A 75; Not in BM Satires, Arenenberg