ANONYMOUSArrivée de Napoléon dans l’Ile d’Elbe / Ankunft von Napoleon in den Elbeschen Insel / Arrivo di Napoleone nell’Isola de l’Elba. (Paris?), ‚Déposé a la Bibliotheque‘, 1814.

Plate: 280 x 246mm; Sheet: 321 x 263mm; Hand-coloured etching; slightly stained in outside margin, with small stitching holes outside image

Napoleon steps across the island towards a small castle on a rock. Across his left shoulder he carries the ‚main de justice‘ with broken shaft. Under his right arm he holds the ‚Code Napoléon‘, and in his right hand is a telescope. On his back he carries a bunch of fluttering papers, four of which are inscribed ‚Décret‘ (twice), ‚Décret de 1813‘, and ‚Conscription de 1814‘. In the background a frigate can be seen, most probably the HMS Undauted.

BM Satires 12247; Broadley D 13