4 anamorphoses. (Germany), n.d. (c. 1800)

Each c. 180 x 188 mm; Hand-coloured etching. Slightly stained.

Very rare set of anamorphoses, showing the figures stretched to a semi-circle, with in its centre a small circle. When a metal cylindrical mirror is placed on this central circle, the reflected image will show the figures correctly. Our set depicts an old man with rakes, two musicians, a priest with his assistant and a painter with his easel meeting a wanderer. Each anamorphose has a printed number in a corner (7, 10, 11 and 12), so they probably are from a set of 12 or more anamorphoses. An almost identical anamorphose of the two musicians was published by Johann Michael Burucker from Nuremberg.

c.f. Füsslin/Hentze p. 65.