(CREILING, Johann Conrad) – Die edelgeborne Jungfer Alchymia, Oder: Eine durch Rationes, viele Exempla und Experimenta abgehandelte Untersuchung, Was von der Alchymia zu halten und vor Nutzen daraus zu schöpffen seye, Nebst einem Zusatz von der medicina universali, Universal-Process und einigen Kunst-Stucken aus der Alchymie. Tübingen, Cotta, 1730. Contemporary vellum binding with 19th century foreleafs.

Creiling (1673 Löchgau – 1752 Tübingen) was professor of mathematical sciences and natural philosophy in Tübingen, miracle doctor and alchemist. He studied with Jacob I. Bernoulli in Basel and later met the military engineer Sebastien Le Prestre de Vauban in France. Creiling’s laboratory was located in Tübingen at Collegiumsgasse 8. As an alchemist he researched and experimented apparently all his life without success. The book was published in the same year also under the title: „Ehren-Rettung der Alchymie“. „The book is a defence of alchemy, based first upon natural principles, and secondly on the evidence of natural transmutations. It contains a good deal of interesting historical matter, but it has been injured by its fantastical title“ (Ferguson). „Creiling, a believer in alchemy, did not search for causes of its failures within alchemy itself. In his opinion, the cause was not in this science, but in the supposed results of alchemical activities, in promised material riches, and longevity.“ (Karpenko) – Very rare.

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