FREVILLE, (A.F.J.)La pirouette instructive contenant les jeux de lettres, de mots, de pair-impair et des symboles. Paris, Gueffier, n.d. (c. 1805)

Plate: 487 x 460 mm; Sheet: 513 x 471 mm; Etching.

Very rare board game which incorporates 4 different games: Jeu de Mots; Jeu de Lettres; Jeu de Pair-Impair and Jeu de Symboles. The playing field is surrounded by two concentric circles. The cases of the outer circle bears words corresponding to moods, the inner circle is occupied by large letters surrounding a circular table with several different tracks with cases depicting letters, emblems and animals.

D’Allemagne p. 72 and plate 8; Michaud III, p.