LACOUR, (?). – Cours abrégé de Phisique générale, particuliere et experimentale a l’usage de M. Guillaume Henri Godart, phisicien et pensionnaire du College royal de St. Louis. Metz, 1775. 4 parts in 1 volume. 4to [214 x 165 mm] Title, 219, 391 (i.e. 381) pp. With 44 text drawings. – bound with: Exercice sur la physique expérimentale, sur l’arithmétique, l’algèbre et la géométrie par MM. les physiciens, pensionnaires du Collège royal de Saint Louis, de la Ville-neuve de Metz. Metz, Joseph Antoine, 1775. Contemporary half-leather binding.

The present course in physics had 5 scholars, which are named on the printed summary bound after the manuscript: Guillaume-Henry Godart from Verviers, Christ. Leopold de Moll from Salzburg, Dominique Pescatore (1758-1810) from Luxemburg, Joseph Duelli from Constance and Mathieu-Rene Godart from Verviers. The list of pupils is quite interesting. The writer of the present manuscript, Guillaume-Henry Godart, and Mathieu-Rene Godart are most probably sons of Guillaume-Lambert Godart (1721-1794), doctor, natural scientist and meteorologist from Verviers, and Dominique Pescatore was a Luxembourgian businessman and lawyer.
The lectures are divided into 4 parts: physical bodies in general, the world in general, inanimated bodies and animated bodies. The manuscript is written in a legible script and is illustrated with 44 text drawings, comprising geometrical diagrams, experimental arrangements, machineries and our solar system. We were not able to find out any informations on the life of the professor Lacour. The printed summary of the lectures not in WorldCat and KVK. The College de Metz was founded in 1622 and existed under the name College Saint Louis until the French Revolution. Most of it’s buildings are still visible, on both sides of the current Saint-Simon-Saint-Jude church. A very interesting look at 18th century physics with an interesting provenience. – Binding rubbed and bumped, joints splitting, upper spine with loss.