Giovanni Antonio Torricelli
(Lugano 1719 – after 1811)

Design for a corner of a ceiling painting.

Stencil, pen, brown ink, grey and yellow wash; mounted; 246 x 163mm

Giovanni Antonio Torricelli was a Swiss quadraturist. He almost always worked in collaboration with his brother Giuseppe Antonio (1710-1808), who was a figurist painter. Both are reported to have studied in Bologna and then to have worked in the principal cities of Italy before they went abroad. – The attribution is vague as drawings by Torricelli are scarcely known.

Literature: cf.: Mary L. Myers – Architectural and Ornament drawings: Juvarra, Vanvitelli, The Bibiena family, & other Italian draughtsmen. New York, 1975. (ill. 59; pp. 42-43); Anastasia Gilardi, Torricelli, Giovanni Antonio e Giuseppe Antonio (Fratelli) in: SIKART Lexikon zur Kunst in der Schweiz (online)

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