Poillerat, Gilbert (1902-1988) (attr.) – Manuscript catalogue / Sammlung von 42 Entwürfen / Collection of 42 designs for furniture pieces and other architectural elements.  (France), 1930-1940.

42 loose sheets [27 x 37 cm] with watercolor and ink drawings mounted on them. Size of the drawings: ca. 15 x 20 cm. In very good condition.

Very interesting, unique album showcasing French artistic excellence in furniture design. This collection includes 42 original watercolor designs attributed to the esteemed Gilbert Poillerat. Featuring a diverse range of furniture pieces including consoles (10), wrought iron doors (9), fireplace mantels (7), mirrors (6), fireplace grates (1), folding screens (1), lamps (4), and chandeliers (4), this collection exemplifies Poillerat’s exceptional talent and creativity. These designs are executed in very fine detail, with beautiful coloring, often against a color-fitting background. It may be that they were meant as drawings for a publication such as a catalogue.

Each piece is meticulously presented, offering a profound insight into the intricate details and lavish adornments characteristic of Poillerat’s iconic style. His handdrawn designs are very rare on the market.

Gilbert Poillerat (1902-1988) was a French decorator and master ironworker. His work, often inspired by the art of the 17th and 18th centuries, epitomizes French elegance. He excelled in the art of medal engraving as well. After graduating from the École Boulle in 1921, Gilbert Poillerat spent 8 years under the tutelage of Edgar Brandt, swiftly rising to the forefront of French art ironworkers. Initially focusing on engraving and painting, he later diversified his skills. Poillerat’s artistic prowess was epitomized by the ornate arabesques of his balustrades, capturing the imagination of the public. His craftsmanship imbued his bronze door panels with robust yet graceful motifs, operating smoothly without jarring movements. Between 1948 and 1952, he collaborated with his friend Georges Zérapha to produce art edition wallpapers for a prestigious collection targeting the general public. This collection featured designs by various artists, including Leonor Fini, Maurice Brianchon, and Raymond Peynet.

Among his notable works are the entrance gate grille of the Jules-Ferry College in Maisons-Alfort, completed in 1932, and the façade of the grand synagogue of La Paix in Strasbourg, completed in 1960.

Poillerat’s legacy also includes notable decorations such as the Grand Master’s necklace of the Order of Liberation, awarded to General de Gaulle in 1947. He was the sole recipient of this decoration. His artistic imprint is evident in various architectural and decorative elements, from the ironwork motifs adorning the Jules-Ferry College to the interior balconies and railings of the Gilbert Hotel in Poitiers.

Gilbert Poillerat’s contributions extend to national institutions such as the Mobilier National and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, where several of his furniture pieces are preserved. His impact even reaches international collections, with two wrought iron and copper crosses housed in the Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec.

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