BRUCH, Hans and Margarete Märchenritt! Wer kommt mit? (Germany, 1912). Large-Folio [440 x 364 mm]; 16 pages. With numerous watercolor drawings.

The siblings Hans (1887-1913) and Margarete (1882-1963) were the children of the German composer Max Bruch (1838-1920). This children’s book was the only common work, since Hans died of blood poisoning even before publication in the year 1919. Richard Grimm-Sachsenberg (1873-1952), painter and graphic artist in Leipzig, completed the work on the manuscript, whose fairytale paintings Hans had already left ready for publishing. Margarete Bruch was a German writer. In 1910, she published her first book of poetry. Hans Bruch was a German painter and draughtsman. He was a pupil of Lovis Corinth and received several awards at a young age. He created most of his work in the small German town Schwalenberg.

The arrangement of the drawings and stories in the print version are identical to that of the manuscript, except for one sheet. The story „Drei Waldvöglein“ and the accompanying drawing have been displaced and the originally colored drawing was reproduced in black and white. Furthermore, the print version of the book has been reduced in format by about 50 percent. – The manuscript cover page is slightly rubbed and has some marginal blemishes outside the picture, the other panels are partly slightly stained. Attached is Margarete’s copy of the book edition with her handwritten property notation.

Bibliography: Petra Budke and Jutta Schulze – Schriftstellerinnen in Berlin 1871 bis 1945. Berlin, 1995.

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