GILLRAY, James (after)Political-dreamings! -visions of peace! -perspective horrors! (Weimar, Industrie-Comptoir, 1802)

Plate: 262 x 368mm; Sheet: 273 x 382mm; Hand-coloured etching; old folds, with small backed marginal tear

William Windham lies in bed dreaming. Amongst his visions are Death as a large skelleton, Napoleon strangling Britannia, a singing, fat demon, oppositional politicans as rats and many decapitated men and women including the Dauphin, Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette. – This caricature is a reduced version of Gillray’s caricature published in 1801 by Hannah Humphrey.

Broadley E 102; – cf. BM Satires 9735; Broadley A 715 (for the Humphrey issue)

EUR 500,-