GILLRAY, James (after)Britannia between death and the doctor’s. (Halle, Societäts-, Buch- und Kunsthandlung, 1804)

Plate: 180 x 228mm; Sheet: 188 x 254mm; mezzotint; old folds, slightly stained

An ailing Britannia sits on a bed with a spear in his left arm and a shield beside her. Pitt kicks Addington through the door whilst one foot steps on the face of Fox. Meanwhile the three „doctors“ are fighting each other, from behind a curtain a skeleton Death with the head of Napoleon appears with a spear in his hand to strike Britannia. This is a reduced German version of Gillray’s caricature published 1804 by Hannah Humphrey in London.

Broadley E 11; Arenenberg 22; cf. BM Satires 10244; Broadley A 126 (for the Humphrey issue)

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