ANONYMOUSSpanier: Befehlen Sie Spanisch=Bitter? Kosack: Befehlen Sie russisches Eis? Antwort: Nein, nein! das eine ist mir zu kalt, das andere macht mir zu heiss. (France?), n.d. (c. 1814)

Image: 165 x 141mm; Sheet: 241 x 207mm; Hand-coloured etching; old folds, soiled

Napoleon declines with a gesture of dismay a glass of Spanish bitters and a Russian ice. This is one of several existing versions of a caricature originally published by Campe at Nuremberg in 1813. In contrast to the (ortographically false) German title, the present version probably has a French origin.

cf. Broadley E 117 (original Campe version); cf. Arenenberg 370 (original Campe version); Not in BM Satires