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Exceptional collection of Napoleon caricatures

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) has shaped life on the European continent around 1800 like no other ruler. In his ambition to defeat England, the emperor engulfed Europe in a chain of almost uninterrupted wars. The catastrophic outcome of the campaign against Russia from 1812 onwards led to the shattering of his rule over much of Europe, the wars of liberation and, ultimately, the overthrow of the emperor. After a short period of exile to Elba, Napoleon returned to power in 1815 for a hundred days. He was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo and banished to the end of his life on the island of St. Helena. Already during his lifetime, Napoleon became a mythological figure. Hardly any person in world history has been caricatured more than the French emperor. Each of the countries he invaded brought out his own cartoons. The production of anti-Napoleonic cartoons took on international dimensions. Some motifs were published in several countries and some were even printed with multilingual captions.  In France, as well as in the countries occupied by Napoleon, cartoons on the emperor were threatened by the censorship and therefore were published anonymous. The cartoons were distributed like broadsides by street vendors and later were available in specialized stores. Caricatures provide a very interesting insight into the current events of the day. They are consumed by all social classes equally and can be considered therefore as true folk art.

The present cartoons are in most cases broadsides. They are all rare. Some of them are known only in the present copy. The collection consists of 109 sheets from 1798 to 1823, mainly from England, France and Germany. It contains caricatures by James Gillray, Isaac Cruikshank, Charles Williams, Piercy Roberts, Thomas Rowlandson and George Cruikshank. The collection represents a good overview of the European caricature against Napoleon.


GILLRAY, James (after) - The King of Brobdingnag and Gulliver. 'Dublin, James Gilderoy, Smock Alley James Street, July 1st 1803'. (most probably London, 1803)

GILLRAY, James - Buonaparte, 48 Hours after Landing! - Vide. John Bulls Home-stroke, Armed en Masse. London, Hannah Humphrey, 26 July 1803.

WEST, Temple - Three plagues of Europe. London, Roberts, (August 1803).

CHARLES, William - The bone-a-part in a fresh place. London, William Charles, c. 1803

ROBERTS, Piercy - St. George and the Dragon. London, Roberts, 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - An attempt on the potatoe bag. London, Roberts, (1803).

ROBERTS, Percy (publisher) - Little Boney in the Whales Belley. London: Piercy Roberts, 1803.

MITCHELL, J.T. - Bonaparte's Reception, or John Bull, not to be trifled with. 'design'd, etch'd & pub. by J.T. Mitchell 19 Clipstone Street Fitzroy Square London', c. 1803-1804.

CRUIKSHANK, Isaac - Iohny Bull giving Boney a Pull. London, Ackermann, 7 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Iohn Bull shooting Flying. London, Roberts, n.d. (c. 1803-1804)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - A little man alarmed at his own shadow. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - The oak and the mushroom. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Observations upon stilts. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - An English bull dog and a Corsican blood hound. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Hop step and jump. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Green spectacles or consular goggles!! London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

P.F.L.B. (?) - John Bull fighting the French Single Handed. England, n.d. (c. 1803)

WILLIAMS, Charles - The consequence of invasion or the hero's reward. London, S.W. Fores, 1 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - John Bull drowning an enemy. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803).

GILLRAY, James - John Bull offering little Boney fair play. London, Humphrey, 2 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy - An attempt to undermine John Bull, or working through the globe. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

MITCHELL, P.F. - Bony at a Stand - or the Corsican Tyrant Stagger'd at the prospect of Great Britain in Arms. London, Piercy Roberts, n.d. (1803).

WOODWARD, George Moutard (after) - Consular Games / The game of brag / The game of Hazard. London, Piercy Roberts, n.d. (1803)

(WILLIAMS, Charles) - The bone of contention or the English bull dog and the Corsican monkey. London, S.W. Fores, 14 June 1803.

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