Napoleon Karikaturen

Napoleon Caricatures

GILLRAY, James - Buonaparte, 48 Hours after Landing! - Vide. John Bulls Home-stroke, Armed en Masse. London, Hannah Humphrey, 26 July 1803.

WEST, Temple - Three plagues of Europe. London, Roberts, (August 1803).

CHARLES, William - The bone-a-part in a fresh place. London, William Charles, c. 1803

ROBERTS, Piercy - St. George and the Dragon. London, Roberts, 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - An attempt on the potatoe bag. London, Roberts, (1803).

ROBERTS, Percy (publisher) - Little Boney in the Whales Belley. London: Piercy Roberts, 1803.

MITCHELL, J.T. - Bonaparte's Reception, or John Bull, not to be trifled with. 'design'd, etch'd & pub. by J.T. Mitchell 19 Clipstone Street Fitzroy Square London', c. 1803-1804.

CRUIKSHANK, Isaac - Iohny Bull giving Boney a Pull. London, Ackermann, 7 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Iohn Bull shooting Flying. London, Roberts, n.d. (c. 1803-1804)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - A little man alarmed at his own shadow. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - The oak and the mushroom. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Observations upon stilts. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - An English bull dog and a Corsican blood hound. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Hop step and jump. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - Green spectacles or consular goggles!! London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

P.F.L.B. (?) - John Bull fighting the French Single Handed. England, n.d. (c. 1803)

WILLIAMS, Charles - The consequence of invasion or the hero's reward. London, S.W. Fores, 1 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy (publisher) - John Bull drowning an enemy. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803).

GILLRAY, James - John Bull offering little Boney fair play. London, Humphrey, 2 August 1803.

ROBERTS, Piercy - An attempt to undermine John Bull, or working through the globe. London, Roberts, n.d. (1803)

MITCHELL, P.F. - Bony at a Stand - or the Corsican Tyrant Stagger'd at the prospect of Great Britain in Arms. London, Piercy Roberts, n.d. (1803).

WOODWARD, George Moutard (after) - Consular Games / The game of brag / The game of Hazard. London, Piercy Roberts, n.d. (1803)

(WILLIAMS, Charles) - The bone of contention or the English bull dog and the Corsican monkey. London, S.W. Fores, 14 June 1803.

GILLRAY, James (after) - French invasion -landing in Great-Britain. (Halle, Societäts-, Buch- und Kunsthandlung, 1803)

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