Atlas of the antique world in an armorial binding of the city Arnhem

KÖHLER, Johann David – Descriptio orbis antiqui in XLIV tabulis exhibita. Nürnberg, Chr. Weigel, (1720) With engraved title, engr. index-leaf and 44 fine contemp. handcoloured double-page maps. Fol. Contemp. vellum with the goat of arms of the city Arnhem.

First and only edition. Equal to a conventional atlas, Koehler had tried to reconstruct the historical and political situation in Greek and Roman antiquity, beginning with a world map followed by a map of Europe and moving to the maps of the various countries. The atlas includes maps of the continents of Africa and Asia, Palestine (Laor 826 und 827), views of Rome, Athens and Jerusalem, the castramentation of the twelve tribes of Israel, maps of Corsica and Sardinia as well as Sicily. The title-page and many of the maps are ornamented by illustrations of the coins of the countries represented. Lacking the engraved portrait (as mostly). – The maps are all in original hand-colour in full. – Very good copy in a contemporary armorial binding.

Phillips 31; Bauer, Weigel 7, 1.46.

EUR 2800,-